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Trade Show Models

Our trade show models make it happen
Radiate through the commotion of the festivities with trade show models and talent that shines brilliantly—professionals who perform flawlessly, every time. Your event can have the most sought after persons in the business.

PPG books skilled, experienced talent including models, emcees, presenters and more. We pride ourselves on the many accomplishments of our professionals. Each one has consistently been booked for many years, at various types of exhibits, conventions, trade shows, parties, and events. They are ready to make your event a raving success.

Create interest, generate excitement, inform and relax attendees to make them feel as part of the exhibit rather than a spectator.

The very best and brightest are being reserved now and PPG has them, books them, and keeps them prepared for more opportunities.

Trade show talent that only appears expensive

Elevating the quality of presentations

Exuberant and professional, generating more leads and helping to close more sales than ever before, trade show models, promotion specialists, and exhibit staff generate higher quality presentations.

Book the same emcee for your event or trade show as the Oscars booked for their 2010 red-carpet gala.

Use popular sports and fitness models, or celebrities, or celebrity look-a-likes for some added excitement and enjoyment.

Create an atmosphere that communicates welcome and belonging to the audience.

Add panache to your event with the elements of success, professionalism, and radiance.

jennifer autry-narrator-lv Emcees and PresentersBooking the most experienced emcees, demonstrators, and presenters nationwide for over 18 years. Our engaging professionals excel at learning about products quickly and communicate features and benefits to your audience. With quick response to our clients’ needs, we pride ourselves in our professionals’ devotion to success and the exceptional abilities of the talent that we represent.Contact us for prices and rates.

Exhibit Staff

Leave lasting impressions

Experienced male and female models combine their natural assertiveness, with knowledge of your product. Their open, disarming manner assures pleasant interactions.

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Booth Staff

Increase sales and leads

Professional models know how to gain rapport quickly through body language and conversation. Quickly turn prospects into friends, and then into customers.